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For announcement of MARS awards for presentations, see below****



Oral Presentations

The basis for oral presentations will be Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt files). If you should need anything else (slides, overheads, blackboard, etc.), please let us know well ahead of time.

We will have PC computers (NOT Mac) available to upload your talk before the presentation. You will not be able to use your own computer. Please bring your presentation either on a CD or a flash drive and include the fonts you use. If you use video in your PowerPoint please provide information on the codec and have the videos saved separately.

Please bring 2 copies and carry one with you on the airplane. One labelled copy of your PowerPoint disc should be handed in at the registration desk by 12:00 on the day before the session (or before 9.30 am on Monday 4 Sept). Name the file using your surname only. All PowerPoint files will be installed centrally before the sessions; files cannot be installed in the Conference room nor can your own computer be used for PowerPoint presentations.

Poster Presentations

Posters should be no more than 900mm in width and 1200mm in height. Display boards will be available.


****EMBS are pleased to announce that MARS (The European Marine Research Stations Network) have chosen the EMBS41 as the meeting at which they will present, for the first time, the MARS-Otto Kinne Lecture Award for young scientists.  The award is worth 1,500 and is open to oral presenters under the age of 40 years who are working at a MARS member Institure.  Please see the MARS website (http://www.marsnetwork.org) for how to apply.  Please note that you must also submit your abstract to EMBS41 in the normal way if you want to be considered for an oral presentation even if you do not win the award.

EMBS are also pleased to announce that MARS (the European Marine Research Stations Network) are also sponsoring two poster prizes of 250 (1st prize) and 100 (2nd prize).  The judging of posters will take place at the meeting and will be open to all poster presenters.



         Contact us at:  EMBS41@ucc.ie